Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WirelessToggle Simple Wifi on/off

If you need turn on WiFi, you have to press at least 4 keys by default to start WiFi (using Comm Manager).
After installation of WirelessToggle, just press and hold Comm Manager button to toggle Wifi (on/off). (Alternatively you can use attached exe and assign WirelessToggle to any button / shortcut you want to).
And as always: There are few more programs that can be used for faster turning on/off WiFi but this keeps the RAM free as much as possible.

Wifi yi hızlı birşekilde açıp kapatmak için harika bir program. Yapmanız gereken WirelessToggle.exe' yi cihaza kopyalamak ve start menu için kısayol oluşturmak. Hatta samsung wizpro home screen için kısayol'a ekleyebilir kolayca wifi'yi aç kapa yapabilirsiniz.


seagleye said...

Amin said...

where is com button????

Gusta said...

Comm button???