Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SMS Delivery Notify Fix for B7320

SMS Delivery Notify Option comes disable default but you can't enable even if u mark the option so you have to modify registry or install below cab file.

1. Copy file to your device
2. Install
3. Restart your device

Note: retry it with if you want to disable it.
Since the cab file modifies registry, you have to unlock your device in order to fix it. dosyasını cihaza kopyalayin. dosyasını kurun.
3.Cihazi tekrar baslatin

Not: ile iletim raporunu kapatabilirsiniz.
Cab dosyasi registry'ye mudahale ettigi icin cihazi onceden unlock yapmaniz gereklidir.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

VZO Mobile v1.3.2

Mobile and PC Video Calls;
Address Book and Text Chat;
Supports front and rear cameras;
Works through 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMax.

-Chat stability and performance were improved;
-Landscape devices support improved;
-Flip screen function was added to rotate application screen between right and left handed orientations;
-Many bugfixes were fixed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Avatar, Terminator Salvation and Virtual Pool (Games for B7320)

Opera Mini 5 beta 2

-Tabbed browsing: Browse several Web sites at the same time, while easily jumping from one to another.
-Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web page with just one click, with a set of visual bookmarks when you open a new tab.
-Opera Link: Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your mobile phone and desktop computer.
-Download manager: Manage downloads right from the browser. Pause and resume downloads to suit your needs.

SkyFire v1.5

SkyFire is amongst the leading mobile browsers available to mobile users. It’s ability to support Flash and Silverlight.

Some of the changes and features that you can expect in SkyFire 1.5 includes:
-Support for both VGA and WVGA
-Kinetic Scrolling
-Supports fullscreen mode
-Allows various forms of sharing, including through SMS
-Improved UI that give ample space for button selection
-Easy access to on-screen buttons for magnifier and bookmark
-Faster loading speed and more finger-friendly UI
-Fireplace - the homepage for easy access to RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter feeds and Gmail
-Still supports Flash and Silverlight

SkyFire 1.5 has a much more pleasant and attractive UI, encompassing that with the increase in loading speed, SkyFire is going to mount a serious challenge against Opera Mobile

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SBSH Facade 2.1.1

-Facade Skins Arena - Online skin downloads
With Facade 2.1 we have our new Skins Arena service included!, which can be accessed either from a PC or directly from Facade!
-Analog clock support
Finally the analog clock is correct more than twice a day!
-Performance and stability improvements
This version also includes a number of internal changes that were made to improve performance, and to resolve occasional problems seen when reloading the home screen.

Here is the full list of changes included in this update:
-New skin downloads from web!
-Add "More skins online" option to main Facade Settings menu
-Skinnable analog clock support added!
-Internal stability improvements, especially during home screen reload
-Internal performance improvements (change notification handling)
-Fix crash seen on preFacade layout with non-English installs
-Fix alarm countdown off by a day for numbered Samsung alarms
-Fix exception errors seen when loading Facade Settings
-Fix missing leading date on birthday/anniversary lines
-Skip tab snapback when already on default tab
-Add limited support for low resolution devices (176x220)
-Show "Home service" when connected to a home carrier with no name
-Added Spanish translation
-"skins" button type for easy access to more skins online
-Support portraitOnly/landscapeOnly within hosted plugins
-Add Proxy subtypes for {ConnectionType} keyword
-Add formatting options for popup button labels ( regions and popupText setting)
-Add sendDataChangeRequests option for certain hosting scenarios (AlarmMaster plugin)
-Close settings screens after installing skins
-Settings screens are now aware of control panel background selection
-Remove initial "back button" behavior from Facade Settings
-Fix error message when installing square-only layouts
-Allow fsk files to be renamed (don't require specific naming)
In addition to the existing English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish support, this update adds a Spanish language translation

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Maps for Windows Mobile 3.3.1

Google has released a new version of its free mapping app for smartphones running Windows Mobile. Google Maps for Mobile 3.3 lets users keep the starred places on their phone and on their computer synchronized.

This app has let mobile users put a star on places they want to remember almost since its inception, and this feature was added to the desktop version a few months ago. With version 3.3, these are kept synced.

Nimbuzz 1.3.0 Beta build 1242

Nimbuzz Mobile lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts.

Save Money: Instead of calling minutes, Nimbuzz uses the internet to let you make free international calls to your buddies. You can also register your SIP VoIP account to call your friends on landlines and mobile phones

-SIP VOIP Calling seems to be working fine now. No disconnect problem previous version has.
-SIP Araması düzeltilmiş artık numara çevirdikten sonra kesilme olmuyor.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Panoramic moTweets v1.5.0 Retail Full

* Support for multiple Twitter accounts
* Ability to upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album
* Post your location manually or by using your device GPS
* Tiny URL Support
* Two (2) skin colors
* Finger friendly, kinetic scrolling menus
* ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, Replies, Favorites and much more!

Language: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch

Version 1.5.0 - Released December 02, 2009
* Auto-refresh Popup notification will no longer come up
* Removed message to ask to go online, no longer required
* NEW: Now has the option to play system sounds
* NEW: Picture services,,
* NEW: Initial implimentation of Twitter Lists, can view the lists
* NEW: Added Italian and Korean translations
* NEW: Translate Tweets option
* NEW: Block user
* NEW: Report as Spam
* Fixed issue with loading and uploading larger images