Monday, October 26, 2009

Samsung B7320 Application Unlock

Application Unlock on the B7320

• The first step is to download the file.
• Next, connect the Samsung B7320 to the computer and move the file to the device through ActiveSync.
• Install

After installation completed, uninstall, it will be called "SOTI MobiControl Device Agent" in remove programs. Because we don't need this software. Finally the phone is unclocked. dosyasını cihaza atarak kurun. Kurulum Mobicontrol adında bir program yükleyecek ve cihazı unclock yapacak. Bu programa ihtiyacımız yok. Arkada çalışıp pilden yememesi için hemen kaldırın. Sonunda cihaz unlocked olmuş olacaktır.

Device Security Manager PowerToy programı ile security ayarları yapılabilir fakat ihtiyaç duymadım. (Windows 7' de çalışmıyor)

Samsung Jack de kısıtlamalar daha fazla internet sharing yapamıyor dahili gps alıcısı için belirli bir com port yok. Bunlar registry de eklenerek sağlanmış . Fakat B7320 de boyle bir problem yok registry datası eklenmiş geliyor. Sadece application unlock yeterli.

Watch this youtube video: (bu video yardimci olacaktir)


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Device Security Manager PowerToy:

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Hi, seagleye,
i get this phone from Turkcell, but I cannot understand too much Turkish. Do you know how to add english language to its system.
please let me know. my email is

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Sim Unlock Samsung Epix and Jack

First we need to lock the phone to AT&T. Lock the phone? Yes it's already locked, but it is locked with some code generated at AT&T's request. We are going to lock the phone with our own unlock code and then we'll be able to use our own code instead of AT&T's to unlock it.

1) From the Today or Home screen, type in *7465625*638*#
2) Enter the Mobile Network Code of AT&T in the first field. 310410.
Note that on the Jack, you will only see asterisks. I don't remember if this was the case on the Epix but you should be OK as long as you are careful to type in the correct numbers.
If you see three fields, you have to re-enter 310410 in the second field.
3) In the last field, enter 12345678 (This will be the unlock code.)
4) Press OK (it should tell you SIMLock is enabled.)

Now, we are going to unlock the phone.

1) From the Today or Home screen, type #7465625*638*#
2) Enter the code we assigned earlier. 12345678

That's it. You can now use a SIM card from AT&T, T-Mobile, blue AT&T Wireless or whatever GSM carrier you want. The unlock will survive hard resets.