Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WMWifiRouter 1.52

Device improvements:

- Major improvements in support for SmartPhone (nont-touchscreen) devices
- Samsung b7320 : Requires a security unlocked device. Unbranded Samsung b7320 tested by development team.

Share your cellular data/internet connection over Wi-Fi
Connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device with ad-hoc mode support
Supports multiple devices at the same time
Easy to use: for most users, getting up and running is a matter of a single click
Power saving: works even when the device is suspended!
IP, Wi-Fi and cellular configuration built-in
64- and 128-bit WEP encryption support
Automatic reconnect on connection loss
Compatible with almost all recent Windows Mobile devices
Distinction between basic and advanced users
Keep-Alive support to prevent automatic disconnects for specific carriers
Battery monitoring and management
Support for sharing your cellular data connection over Bluetooth and USB
Support for sharing your Wi-Fi connection to USB, and vice versa
Support for sharing your WiMAX connection to USB and Bluetooth
Multi-language support

Program gerçekten çok başarılı. Cihazı tamamen 3G Wireless Modeme çeviriyor. Modem veya acces point gibi DHCP sayesinde interneti diğer wifi cihazlara paylaştırabiliyor. WEP şifrelemesi kullanabiliyorsunuz. Güvenlik için safer denen bir modda wifirouter mac adresini değiştirebiliyor.


seagleye said...


cenk said...

bu programı b7320 ye kesinlikle yükleyemiyorum eger yardım ederseniz sevinirim

cenk said...

bu programı yükleyemedim hata veriyor b7320 ye başka yolu varmı acaba

seagleye said...

Program b7320 ile problemsiz calisiyor. Eğer application unclock yapmadiysanız program calismayabilir.

Vinay Savla said...

I have been successfully using this tool on this Phone for the last 6-8 months..

I think once I improperly shut down this application. Now, I have started facing connectivity problems. My Phone would cocnnect to WiFi or 3G but it wouldn't let me surfor download mails until I start the application and connect thru the application. Rebooting the phone hasn't helped.

Need Help. Is there any option other than reseting the phone?
If so what's the safest way to do that?