Monday, October 26, 2009

AGEphone Mobile 2.85 (Sip Softphone)

AGEphone Mobile 2 brings VoIP functionality to your PDA or Smartphone. AGEphone's VoIP-Engine "microSIP Stack" is extremely small and fast, and therefore capable of running fluidly on small scale devices, such as a PDA or smartphone. The software is designed to work with Windows Mobile 5.0 / Windows Mobile 6 with or without a touch screen and is optimized for multiple resolutions in portrait or landscape mode.

AGEphone Mobile Features :
High quality sound, low delay buffering
The world's smallest and lightest VoIP stack
UPnP, STUN Support
Possibility to simultaneously use multiple Services
Provider QuickSwitch
Answering Machine
Click to Call Function
DND(Do not Disturb) Function
VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
Number Scaling
Call History
Number Auto Complete
Utilizes device's default addressbook
Inband/RFC2833 DTMF send
Multiple Codecs G.711u / G.711a / GSM
Voice Recording
IPv6 support
Device Power Management Multiple Language Support: English, German, and Japanese

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Agephone Mobile 2.85

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