Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CeRegEditor for WindowsMobile

The CeRegEditor is a registry editor for any device (PDA) based on WindowsCE, PocketPC2003 and WindowsMobile(WM5, WM6) system.
It runs on desktop PC but operates on a mobile device.With this feature user is able to user a normal keyboard, mouse and big - even 21' PC's monitor :)

Main features:
Navigate and edit(create) registry keys/values
Fast search Export/import keys in REG format
Management of favourites keys in registry
"Image" of registry with compare and restore service
Offline mode - create, edit files as regular device registry
Support for HV files edition!


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I am trying to modify \HKLM\Comm\EAP\Extension\25\ValidateServerCert=dword:00000000. But I am getting error 'access denied' on CeRegEditor. This happens even we do "Tools -> Ulock Registry".


Anonymous said...

It seems like a file is missing after installation

"C:\Program Files\CeRegEditor\favs.crg"

The program is trying to open this file but the file does not exist in the folder. Thus, it throws an "Access Deny" error when trying to connect with a mobile device.