Saturday, December 12, 2009

SkyFire v1.5

SkyFire is amongst the leading mobile browsers available to mobile users. It’s ability to support Flash and Silverlight.

Some of the changes and features that you can expect in SkyFire 1.5 includes:
-Support for both VGA and WVGA
-Kinetic Scrolling
-Supports fullscreen mode
-Allows various forms of sharing, including through SMS
-Improved UI that give ample space for button selection
-Easy access to on-screen buttons for magnifier and bookmark
-Faster loading speed and more finger-friendly UI
-Fireplace - the homepage for easy access to RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter feeds and Gmail
-Still supports Flash and Silverlight

SkyFire 1.5 has a much more pleasant and attractive UI, encompassing that with the increase in loading speed, SkyFire is going to mount a serious challenge against Opera Mobile


seagleye said...

Anonymous said...

dns ayarlarını değiştirmeme rağmen şunu diyor "sorry. we regret that as july 1 2010 skyfire does nor provide service in your country."
( yardım edin lütfen

Anonymous said...

Programla için teşekkürler,selamlar

c0V3Ro said...

hi, how do i install it? i'm a noob in mobiles. thx.