Thursday, January 7, 2010

POP3 support for Live Mail and Hotmail

1) Under Email setup use a fake email address:
2) Put in the password
3) Unselect "Try to get email settings automatically"
4) Proceed to fill out your name, and use the incoming, outgoing and other mail settings as indicated below. Note: use advanced settings to enable "Outgoing server requires authentication and Use the same user name..." also enabled "Require SSL for incoming and outgoing email"
5) When it's finished it should download all of your current Live or Hotmail messages.
6) Go back and edit the account settings and fix step 1 to use your real Hotmail or Windows Live email account.
You should now be able to send and receive hotmail without having to use Windows Live!!

POP server:
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server:
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

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