Sunday, February 7, 2010

AllinOne Auto Registry Patchs

* -> application unlock yapar
* ->sms ve emaillerin hafiza kartinda tutulmasini saglar
* -> dns i olarak degistirir.
* -> dns i olarak degistirir.
* -> sms teslim raporunu kapar.
* -> sms teslim raporunu a├žar.
* -> smslerin chat seklinde gorunmesini kapatir.
* -> smslerin chat seklinde gorunmesini acar.
* -> graphics cache'i artirir.
* -> system cache'i artirir.


seagleye said...

vivek said...

the file is not found . plz help...
i need this badly

seagleye said...

singkeremo said...

How can I get wiz pro theme?? please if u have it u can uplod it n give me the url.. thx. ^^

n send it to my email..

Anonymous said...

Hi, i used the sms and mail change patch but my emails still stored on the main memory, how i change the location to storage card?