Saturday, March 27, 2010

CorePlayer 1.3.6 build 7427 SP

* H.264 Ready with CoreAVC
* Built-In YouTube Support
* Flash/FLV Container Support
* Bluetooth ready!* (A2DP and AVRCP)
* Supports over 30 Languages (20+ more coming soon!)
* Podcast, Enhanced Podcast, CoreCaster Ready
* GPU: Intel 2700g, ATI Imageon, QTv (Limited Support), Marvell Monahan Processors (more coming soon!)
* Operating System: Symbian (all), CE 3+4, CE Embedded 5+6, Windows Mobile/Smartphone (5.x - 6.x), Palm, Windows (NT 4.0 - Vista), OS X, and Linux (OEM only)
* CPU: x86 (32bit and 64bit), Intel, Altivec/PowerPC, ARM9, ARM11, MIPS
* CoreUI 'Universal skins' Widget. Allows you to create a unique custom user interface exactly how you want it!
* Best in Class audio and video codecs like CoreAVC our High Definition H.264 video decoder
* CoreTheque media library allows for easy management of your playlists and bookmarks


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

only sound no picture!

Farhad said...

dont inistall on my phone:(((
but 1.3.5 isistall and only play sound no video

Take-kun said...

For those with problems with video display (no video at all), change the video output configuration to use DirectDraw.

Menu > Tools > Configuration > Select Page > Video