Saturday, March 27, 2010

Token2Shell/Mobile v.5.4.0

* Comprehensive SSH Support
Token2Shell/Mobile supports all the widely used algorithms and methods for SSH connections. Once Token2Shell/Mobile is installed, simply enter your server address and tap Connect! Along with robust SSH features, Token2Shell/Mobile also supports TELNET, TCP Direct, Serial(COM) Port and Modem(Phone) connections.
* Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile
Token2Shell/Mobile includes a dedicated standalone application called "Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile" for SSH tunneling. Token2Shell.SSHpf/Mobile runs transparently in the background and provides tunneling or port forwarding for other applications.
* Designed for Mobile Environment
Keybar, SmartClick, Built-in Bitmap Fonts, Virtual Screen Size with Drag-and Scroll, Property Scroll
* Seamless Feature Integration
Address Book, Login Agent, SSH2 File Browser
* Convenient Built-In Tools
Command Macro, Textbar, Hardware Button Assignments, Full Screen Mode, PING and TRACE-ROUTE
* Desktop Ready!


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What's new in Token2Shell/Mobile 5.5.0:
· AES encrypted private key file format used for OpenSSH version 5.4 and higher is now supported.
· Workarounds has been added to solve the softkey menu access problem with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (Classic/Professional).
· This version also includes other minor enhancements and bug fixes